Single and Double Hung Windows

Single and double hung windows look identical, but there is one primary difference between these two window styles. On double hung windows, both the upper and lower sash move up and down, whereas on a single hung window, only the lower sash moves. Out of all the window styles available, double hung windows are by far the most popular window design. The double hung windows we sell and install also tilt in for easy cleaning.

The double hung windows we sell are known for their:

  • Durability and easy lift action
  • Easy cleaning with tilt-in sashes
  • Minimal air infiltration, thanks to excellent weather stripping
  • A variety of energy-efficient glass options
  • Safety and security, with ultra-strong locks and a specially designed vent stop to help keep children safe

These classic residential singe and double-hung windows will provide years of low-maintenance style, comfort and use. Call us today to get a quote for your replacement double hung windows: 717-733-7534.